Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Jousts Another Windmill

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Today Twiggy decided to get involved in the cleaning process. Whether it was curiosity or a Don Quixote move I can’t tell. Let ‘s just follow her and find out.

Twiggy and Lucy

“So there you are soul sucker.”

“I want you to know I fear no evil.”

“Yeah sure. Come at me if you dare.”

“I hope you know better than to go after my toy.”

“I’m not afraid of no ghost. Excuse me but I need my rest.”

“Hey, Twiggy.”

“Yes, Dad.”

“Could you pick up your toys so I can get that corner?”

“Dad. Do you see an opposable thumb on these paws?”

“Uh, Twiggy. Looks like something followed you in here.”

“Yeah, ignore it. Lucy. It’s Dad doing the vacuuming.”

“I heard you talking to it in the other room.”

“Yeah, I was trying to make up an adventure. Dad spoiled it.”

“What happened?”

“Dad asked me to pick up my toys.”

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