Musical Influence ~ Unknown Reasons

Joan Hall

If there is one other thing, I wanted to do besides being a writer, it was to be a singer. As a teenager, I spent countless hours in my room with the stereo turned up “pretending” I was a rock star.

But there was only one problem. I can’t carry a tune. So, I dreamed…

Music has always been a big part of my life. Mom said she kept a radio on my nursery. My older brother introduced me to music before I could read record labels. My father could play piano by ear (even though he never played).

And when the Beatles came to the US in 1964… Well, the rest is history.

Maybe that’s why I chose to have a part time musician as the main character in Unknown Reasons, the second book of the Driscoll Lake Series. Brian Nichols is the character responsible for me writing…

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2 responses to “Musical Influence ~ Unknown Reasons”

  1. I appreciate you sharing this, Traci.

    1. You’re welcome, Joan!

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