Five Links 3/15/19 Loleta Abi

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Five Links 3/15/19

Loleta Abi


1. “The writers who visit you in class, when you’re still a student—especially if you’re young and impressionable—these writers stick with you for a lifetime.”

2. “Like most of my writer friends, I live a double life.

My writing life is a living, breathing thing that exists atop a whole other life filled with work and kids and car pool and soccer practice. In truth, some days it seems there is very little room left for my writing life. Some days it’s squashed up alongside the math homework or clamped shut by the deadlines at my day job. Some days it’s rushed by the sports schedules or postponed by exhaustion.”

3. “I read this quote and though of a friend who has finally realised her dream, quit her job and taken the path of full time writer. I applaud her and her decision. She is finally doing what she wanted to.”

4. “Inspiration. It’s a funny thing. It comes in many forms. I’ve been inspired by conversations with friends, people watching and eavesdropping (got to be my favourite thing to do, preferably in a pavement café with a glass of wine in hand) snippets in the media, even dreams. Deadlines can prove to be very … erm … inspiring! Once, a character was formed by watching how a slender woman sat on a train, with her foot twisted around her other ankle.

The inspiration behind my latest book, The Little Book Café,  came from somewhere deep inside. In order to explain, I have to let you in on some family history.”

5. “How many of you meditate?

It’s a practice we’ve started building into our family evenings each night, and something I hope to one day be good at. Meditation is good for managing anxiety, depression, stress. It’s also good for learning to be open to new ideas and people who may be threatening to our own ideals.”

Research & Fun Bits:


2. “In my previous post, I wrote about DIY Book Design; a website that lets you create 3D mockups of your book for free. But that implies you’ve already designed your book cover. And sometimes you need just the right font to do so.”

3. “I have a Star Wars proposal, and it is this:

It is time to acknowledge that Poe Dameron is the unacknowledged love child of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Wait. *checks notes* Okay, that’s not it. *rifles through some papers* Is it that Lucasfilm should finally put an openly and obviously LGBT character on-screen and in a film soon? YES. Yes! Yes, but also, that’s not this post. Wait, so, what’s this post again?

*shuffles more papers*


4. “What did God do with Sarai’s ‘Yod’?”

5. “I recently discovered DIY Book Design (thank you, Krystallia!) and just had to share the news.

DIY Book Design has a number of useful tools and tutorials, all aimed at helping you produce the perfect image for your book. From a number of tutorials helping with the design of your book cover to taking that cover and transforming it into a great-looking 3D mockup, DIY Book Design has got you covered.”

Some Things More Serious:


2. “Welcome to this month’s edition of my Travel Column. I thought it only fitting this month to zero in on one of my favorite winter spots for vacation – Puerto Vallarta, since I’ve just returned from there once again from a blissful two months away from my Canadian winter.”

3. “The window had blown out of the shed again with the overnight gale. The horns I’d been spraying gold in there needed rescuing from the garden. The car, the nice shiny car, now covered in sticky petals from the cherry tree. decided that if I was coughing and spluttering, it might as well join in. Nothing major, but it meant a trip to the local motoring centre for supplies and a long run to try and clear the problem. The alternative doesn’t bear thining about…”

4. “Listen, Eaters-of-Grilled-Cheese, put some fucking mayo on the outside of the bread before you pop it in the pan. Yes, instead of butter. Sure, you can still put butter in the pan if you really want. Yes, you heard me right. Mayo. Yes, that mayo, the mayo you know and love, not some different mayo. The mayo you think is gross. Yes, it’ll make your grilled cheese sandwich better. No, I have not lost my mind. I mean, maybe I have, but that’s more the fault of —”

5. “What roles do serendipity and synchronicity play in writing historical fiction? Mary F. Burns is here to explain her experience. Mary’s second mystery involving John Singer Sargent and Violet Paget is called The Love for Three Oranges.”

Teaser Fiction & Poetry:






Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, & Author Interviews:

1. “You don’t know what’s going on in Sara’s house… Or in her head.
Sara is lonely. No one talks to her – not even her bad-tempered workaholic husband or her two beloved sons. Her solace is her house, the biggest in the village, hidden away behind high hedges.”

2. “He said he’d do anything to protect her.

She said she’d do anything to protect her family.

And they both said they would forget what happened twenty-two years ago.

But now it seems that there is someone who will stop at nothing to make them remember…

Who is playing the blame game?

3. “Main character description (short). Valerie is petite and pretty, with chestnut curls. But beyond that seemingly innocuous exterior, she’s resourceful and much tougher than she would have believed before her world went to hell.”

4. ““Circumstantial Enemy” is a classic war drama of the “caught-between-the-devil-and-the-blue-sea”-type: Political convictions, ideology, love and loyalty bringing heartache and forcing inner turmoil.”

5. “An outsiders view of our world makes for interesting reading, and this is what this story is all about. Only 18 pages long the story is told from the viewpoint of the occupants of some sort of spacecraft whose mission appears to be to cleanse planets of inhabitants that these occupants consider to be debris.”

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