Writer’s Wheel 2/25/19 Loleta Abi

man and horse

Writer’s Wheel 2/25/19

Loleta Abi

Almost healed from the first surgery! I go Tues. to get the all clear to proceed to the second surgery. I hope the weather cooperates. It’s been a longer recovery than I thought it would be. Still, it’s only been a month but feels like forever. I can’t take bed rest that easily, lol. I want to be on my computer to do my work. Of course, the first couple weeks, I was in so much pain and I couldn’t sit up for two weeks. I think the wound in my leg is healing as well as there’s little to no blood now on the gauze. I did get to read a good book while resting though and I have two more for the next time. I’m hoping to have the second surgery after the 9th as my daughter’s ride is finishing up his visits to the hospital as well.

Tried grass-fed beef this week and I like it. I seem to be losing my taste for chicken which I’ve been eating for so long now to keep the weight off. I’m not saying I’m going to eat a lot of beef, but this definitely makes me consider having it in the future. My weight is holding steady, but I wish I could get it to go down further. It might solve some of my health issues if I did. I have problems losing with a thyroid problem too.

We were supposed to get the tail-end of a storm today and while the wind gusts got up to 60-65 miles an hour, it’s starting to die to twenty-some now. I hope it continues to do so as it’s supposed to go on with rain and snow through 7 a.m. tomorrow.

How’s everyone’s weekend? Have a great week, take care, and God bless!

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