Five Links 2/22/19 Loleta Abi

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Five Links…2/22/19

Loleta Abi


1. “Last week I listened to some fabulous writing podcasts and each one made me squeal. I knew I had to share them with you.”

2. “I was probably in middle school (fifth and sixth grade, about 10 and 11 years old) when I started worrying about what other people thought of me. This was completely normal for that really weird era of what they call Growing Up. We were all just wandering around trying to impress each other all day every day. I have no idea why.” I like this! You have to brave the writing world day by day. To not try, would be a tragedy.

3. “I didn’t start to appreciate writing short stories until fairly recently. I always viewed short stories as something “quick and easy” to write. Of course, they’re not easy to write at all. Just because they can be 5,000 words as opposed to 50,000 words doesn’t mean it’s faster or easier. Another thing I thought was that writing novels was “better” for your writing. I figured the more I write, the more I would improve. Writing one long story isn’t the only way to “write more” though.”

4. “As writers, we have to make our characters seem real to readers. Let’s stop for a minute and think about how amazing that concept is…”

5. “So I made myself a promise: Write at the airport. Write on the plane. That’s a decent amount of time without having to disrupt your mini vacation. You got this.”

Research & Fun Bits:

1. “I feel like a limp rag at the moment. It has been a hectic few weeks… just an accumulation of small things. Most of it has just been busy, some of it, behind the scenes, has not been so good and it is that side of things that has me feeling as if I had been squashed by a small but determined behemoth.”

2. “We had a city-wide garage sale yesterday in Port Aransas. It was a massive affair. Take a look at the map in the link below.” This looks fun! I attend a few church sales in June/July and then in Aug., there’s a community-wide sale here in small boonie town, OH.

3. “When old cases are re-opened, there’s usually some sort of initial ‘spark.’ Police departments or attorneys might have a new witness come forward. Or, there might be new evidence that comes to light. There are even cases where witnesses change their stories for whatever reason, and that throws a whole new light on a case. There are other reasons, too, for which a case might be re-opened.” I find this idea interesting! What would make some change their mind as a witness?



Some Things More Serious:

1. “I will continue this special feature on online privacy and cybersecurity I started with my post, The Fight Against Fake News, with a post on Chinese efforts to tame the Internet. This will, hopefully, demonstrate the extent governments will go to in order to control the flow of ideas. And it may even spark a story or two for the sci-fi authors among us. Sadly enough, it’s probably going to be in the dystopian genre.”

2. “Stephan shares great points I’ve often considered but never discussed because I didn’t know others committed to leaving the bandwagon perpetuating man hate. I began addressing my brokenness around age 45. Being a slow learner, it took a while to realize I had a part in my misery, and even longer to confront it. After taming many of my own demons (not dating in the progress), I noticed the men I attracted were still familiar, even though I wasn’t that same woman.” 

3. “You guys, politics and social activism is super-hot right now. Ever since the world changed overnight  – on that unforgettable day I know we all remember when we found out that kale, teeth whitening and getting married were out, and deep-fried avocados, eyebrow extensions, and having children were in – I’ve become increasingly aware of things, like how important it is to raise awareness.”

4. “fter doing the last blog post “What are triggers,” I  thought I should expand a little more on my understanding of triggers. Granted I will say again that I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist. I am just a single 50-year-old lady with bipolar disorder who is no longer on medication, and who has educated herself a little & these are my thoughts:”

5. “Then I realized—the white man had a green jacket on. And the black man wore black clothing. My son was identifying the men by the color of their clothes, which he apparently thought was more important than their race (if he even saw their race).”

Teaser Fiction & Poetry:

1. “I could have gone Valentine’s with the prompt words: meaning and passion but instead I went love of trees! Lol. I am a funny one!”

2. “I created a Haiga, that possibly is on the iffy side. The image directly reflects upon the words of my Senryu. So, does the image add something to my words? Do you get an alternate reading?”

3. “”

4. don’t like posting great chunks of an unfinished story because once they’re out there, they tend to be ‘set in stone’, and I like to be able to change things, or even delete them entirely, if I think the story needs it. This time, however, I really need the feedback as I’ve completely re-written the first chapter in which I re-introduce Kaati. The basic intent is more or less the same, but all the nuances have changed, as has Kaati’s character arc.” 


Book Reviews, Cover Reveals, Releases, & Author Interviews:

1. “I’m the author of a romance novel, two poetry collections, and a memoir and am working on another novel. My poems, short stories, and essays have been published in various journals and anthologies. I belong to several writers’ organizations and a women’s singing group and take water exercise classes at the YMCA”

2. “It was an icy winter, and I was holed up in a four-hundred-year-old stone house in a small French village. Two months before, I had run away from Hungary, from a love story I no longer believed in. Now, huddled beside a wood-burning stove, I was writing a mystery, Death by Slanderous Tongue, on the kitchen table, incorporating into the tale, all the pleasant and unpleasant characters around me, much local gossip, and the strange goings-on that, when put in the right — or wrong — context, could lead to a (fictional) murder.”

3. “It’s small town Nebraska in the late 1970’s and life in the small Midwestern town is quiet and uneventful. That’s what Libby Marshall and Bobby Menedez think until Bobby’s cousin, Ramon is beaten by a group of white boys. Racial tension is high after the beating and it’s soon revealed that something quite evil lies hidden Under the Western Sky.”

4. “I’m delighted to share this new book by my lovely friend and fellow author, Izabella. She has worked so hard on putting together a book that will inform, educate, and advise. Izabella is a nutrition and lifestyle expert with over 30 years’ experience in the health space. A former research psychologist, she is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle health coach, a Ballymaloe-trained nutritional chef, educator, author and speaker and the founder of the health and wellness website

5. ““One” is a light hearted, easy read, set in 2005. The first of a trilogy, this retro contemporary novel will remind you of the simpler life of work, friends and relationships in the “noughties.” Focused on Penelope, a 28-year-old investment banker, we share her search for a significant relationship while maintaining a high-powered job and enjoying time with her friends. In parallel we meet Zara, her young house-mate, newly arrived from the country and struggling with London life.”

6. “A lyrical historical fantasy adventure, set in 1932 Spain and Germany, that brings to life the world of the novellas collected in Los Nefilim: Spanish Nephilim battling daimons in a supernatural war to save humankind.”

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