The Writer’s Wheel 2/12/19 Loleta Abi

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The Writer’s Wheel…2/12/19

Loleta Abi

I’m doing much better. I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with something to talk about, lol. I’m making my rounds to drs. over the rest of the month and then I’m going to see about scheduling the second surgery in Mar. I’m headed to the library tomorrow for another book pickup which should help with something to do after the surgery if I can lift a book that is. Probably not right away but maybe with time. At least, I can sit up now and I can drive for now. I haven’t tried driving for longer than going into town and up to my mom’s, but I have to make my way out to Concord at the end of this week for my four shots. I’m dreading that with these surgeries. The dr. says we should keep up with the shots for my HS to keep the inflammation down. They’re very painful. On the good side, I did get to read quite a bit while down. But I’ve slowed down, the last week as only reading was getting to me. That’s why I started getting to my desk, no I don’t have a laptop, and got some work down. I’m going into working on my query and synopsis which I pretty well have done but I’m going to be using Susan Dennard’s tips to kick it up a bit. She’s the writer of the Witchlands series I’ve started reading. The problem is, my copy is in the car and I haven’t been driving my daughter to work with the weather and the surgeries. She’s been getting a ride with a friend. So, I’ve been unable to read TruthWitch for over a month now. Missing it. How are your projects going? Read anything good lately? Have a great week, thank you, and God bless!

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