Five Links Loleta Abi


I’m still in recovery. Sorry, this is shorter than normal but I’ve only been able to sit up the last few days for a short while.

Five Links…2/1/19

Loleta Abi


  1. “There’s a myth that Kerouac completed his most famous novel in three weeks, on a rolling scroll of butcher paper, so he wouldn’t have to stop to remove pages from the typewriter. Indeed, much of On the Road was written in first draft that way, but Kerouac re-worked the manuscript several times before it was published.”

Research & Fun Bits:

  1. “We age, of course, look for answers, seek wisdom, work, strive…

To be happy, healthy, and whole.

We want what’s best for our family and friends, truth be told.

We look to the past to plan for the coming days,”

  • “I woke early and, instead of crawling grudgingly out of the warm bed as usual, I lay in thought for a few minutes. I had not moved anything except my eyelids; Ani couldn’t possibly know I was awake yet… could she? Well, on past showing yes, but honestly, it wasn’t even daylight. I have long since lost the habit of lounging in bed on a morning. Children and dogs require attention and years of getting up bleary eyed to deal with them build a habit it would be nice to break.”
  • “As you’ll know if you’ve been kind enough to visit this blog before, I live in California. One of the important influences in the history of this state has been its missions. Spanish missionaries set up a network of missions, each within a day’s walk of the last. Today, many places still bear the names of those original missions. San Diego, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and San Francisco are just a few examples. I live within walking distance (well, it’s a long walk, but still…) of the mission at San Luis Rey de Fancia.”

Book Reviews & Author Interviews:

  1. “Last week, our protagonist, MIKE, had seen the eye staring back at him as he shaved. It wasn’t in the mirror, it was half way up the wall behind him. Now starting to question what’s real and what isn’t, Mike heads to work to see if he can restore some sanity in his life.”
  2. “Delighted to welcome American author Karina Bartow to the Sunday Interview. Before we find out which questions Karina had chosen to respond to, here is her official biography.”
  3. “Jon Acuff is an American author of five books including Finish, Do Over, Start, Quitter, and Stuff Christians Like. Acuff also runs the blog, which has over 3 million readers. I was first introduced to John, a prior Dave Ramsey personality, from the nosebleed section at a Smart Money event. Although I wasn’t close enough to touch, it was love at first sight. His quick wit, and ability to educate through laughter was an automatic attraction. I instantly connected with his message (and purchased his book START) of FINALLY getting started on the 45-year old vision born with, but never cultivated. I don’t know what that thing is that kills the dreams of mothers once we have kids. Maybe it’s maternal instinct, but I set every goal aside after an unplanned pregnancy during my junior year of college. It was as if the death of the original dream, FBI Agent, meant no other desire in my heart was possible.”

14 responses to “Five Links Loleta Abi”

    1. You’re welcome, Sally! Hugs back!

  1. Thanks very much, Traci 🙂

  2. Thank you, Traci. Hope you are soon up and about again x

    1. You’re welcome, Sue! I feel much better today and have been up and about most of the day, off and on.

      1. That’s good to hear, Traci x

      2. I do wish I didn’t have to have the second surgery in a time frame of two weeks to two months from now. This one kept me from being able to sit up long, the other deals with my arms and dealing with this one, makes me dread the future. Thankfully, the body both forgets and heals!

      3. It is a lot to have to go through so soon… but hopefully, it will help once you have healed. Keep us posted, Traci x

  3. How lovely to share all these fabulous links. Much appreciated. ❤

      1. Hope you’re on the mend. ❤️

      2. I am. The past few days I’ve been able to get out of bed. I still get exhausted so I try not to push for a lot, but I’m starting to get things done again.

      3. Here’s to speedy healing, my dear, friend. ❤

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