Goal Post: Trying to Get Back Into the Writing Saddle

Legends of Windemere

Do you know when the last time I wrote anything new was?

Raven’s Dawn in July.

I don’t even know if I can truly count that since it was the finale of a blog story that I never had that much faith in.  The last time I wrote anything new and central to my heart was War of Nytefall: Rivalry in June.  That’s 2018 and I haven’t been able to muster the time and ability to do anything since then.  For someone who hasn’t had crippling writer’s block before, this is disconcerting.  I’ve had challenges that I would be able to think through, but this is the first time I’ve hit a point where I can only stare at the page or became too anxious to even get that far.  I’m going to change from disconcerting to frustrating.  It’s like I’m stuck in a body that won’t work or…

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