Back Up Your Writing! – Guest Post by Jaq D Hawkins…

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I was a relative latecomer to the computer age. As a writer, I went from typewriter to dedicated word processor and my files were kept on floppy disk. Remember those? I also still have rather a lot of manuscript pages in hard copy from various projects of that era.

I didn’t begin to write on a computer until after the year 2000. I had moved in with a boyfriend who was a computer programmer and he encouraged me to use his computer for writing. Luckily I was slow to warm up to this idea because right after we got a second computer, we had a hard drive crash. Much of the data was recovered that time, at a cost. Little of it was mine apart from some first Photoshop experiments, using Photoshop 4.

Roll ahead to 2018. I’ve had three computers of my own, the current one hand built by…

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