Smorgasbord Health – Size Matters – The Sequel by Sally Cronin – Introduction.

8 responses to “Smorgasbord Health – Size Matters – The Sequel by Sally Cronin – Introduction.”

    1. You’re very welcome, Sally! Your post is something I deal with as well. I lost 54 pounds last year but other than losing a lb. or two here or there, I haven’t in a while. I think it’s either my thyroid or menopause. Still, I have hope as I’m maintaining my current weight.

      1. It becomes more difficult and I know that I have to get back into more activity.. I am back on the treadmill…. hugsxx

      2. I’ve got a yoga disc but it’s hard to get time to play it, lol. I am able to go to the gym as well but I haven’t done so yet. I get most of my excercise running others around.

      3. I know Traci, but you also need to put yourself first so that you can keep running around others.. xxxx

      4. True. I’ll have a bit of down time later this month with the first surgery of two.

      5. I hope that all passes off well and speedily…hugsxx

      6. Thanks, Sally! Hugs back!

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