January 10: Flash Fiction Challenge

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Technically speaking, enriched foods are those that manufacturers have fortified like adding calcium to orange juice. In the US, government programs support healthier foods for school children through programs that started during our Great Depression. Food enrichment progressed during WWII, finding ways to get nutritious C-rations and K-rations to soldiers. If you grew up fascinated by the developing space programs, you might recall “ice cream for astronauts” or used “dehydrated eggs” on a backpacking trip. All food enrichment.

But I like to think of enriching my lunch a different way. Instead of buying food from a laboratory, I prefer it as close to the farm as possible, or from artisan producers who source locally.

Artisan food producers might sound like a made-up word so grocery stores can charge more. A fad, a novelty, not real value. However, after sixteen years of writing profiles about farmers and producers, I understand the…

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5 responses to “January 10: Flash Fiction Challenge”

  1. Thanks for enriching the challenge, Traci!

    1. You’re welcome, Charli! I hope to enter more of your challenges in the future. Right now, I’m trying to kick two muse stories off once a month on each website. I think I may limit the word count of the second though, we’ll see, lol.

      1. I’m happy to see you setting and pursuing goals! And of course — you can do one as a constraint! 😀

      2. I intend to push myself this year with my stories and submitting them.

      3. Then may 2019 be a year of breakthroughs for you!

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