So, How Is 2019 Treating Me? I’ll Get Back to You

Legends of Windemere

Does 2019 feel any different than 2018?  Not really since everything from last year has basically carried over.  It would be nice if the ball dropping in Times Square set off a spell that gave everyone a clean slate in terms of stress and issues.  Guess that could get messy though.  Speaking of the ball dropping, I spent that night at home and was supposed to wake my son up for the event.  Picked him up out of bed an hour beforehand and he spent the whole time staying asleep in my room.  He woke up the next morning asking why I didn’t wake him up, so I showed him a picture to prove he was asleep the whole time.  I was smart enough to tape the event, so we’re all good.  Now, let’s categorize here:


I went back to work on Wednesday and it was a little wonky…

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