A church under wraps

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

After the Full Circle workshop had ended and we had taken our leave from the rest of the party, Stuart, Larissa and I went to visit a local parish church, St Kentigern’s in Crossthwaite. I had wanted to visit the place for some time, mainly because of its dedication to a saint whose name had come up time and time again on our travels. Kentigern, also known as St Mungo, features in a good many stories, including some which link him with Lailoken, a figure said also to be known as Merlin.

When we arrived, though, the first thing to catch our eye was the cross pattée, a form used by the Templars, set into the gate. The next was the scaffolding and protective wrapping around the church… it looked as if we were doomed to disappointment and that would be a real shame, as not only did this church…

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