When Doing Nothing Is Everything


Is is Friday?

This week has kicked my ass and it’s only been two days back at work. I know, you think like, Aw, Joey got into holiday mode and she is struggling to get back into the groove. Um, no, that is too simple for Joeys.

Straight away upon my return to the office, Mentor came in all urgent about deadlines for Friday. Five of them. I could not understand her panic. Have I mentioned I am always alarmed when I am the calm one? Extremely unsettling. We have deadlines every day, many on Fridays, and five is completely doable. She is the mentor, she must display only strength and cleverness. I’m not saying deadlines aren’t challenging, but not tizzy-inducing. I went into What Can I Do To Help? mode. I said, “I’ll take what’s behind door 2. That’s vaguely familiar…” and Mentor was all, “Tremendously helpful!” Wonderful.

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