7 Tips for When You Get an Idea During Bedtime

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We’ve all been there.  Just as your head hits the pillow, an idea pops up.  Maybe it’s something new or maybe it’s the solution to a story you couldn’t figure out.  Either way, you’re in a dark room and starting to fall asleep.  What are some things you can do to keep the idea?

  1. Hold on tight to it and hope that it stays in your dreams.  Try to carry it through until the morning.  Sure, it’s never worked before.  There are times you even came out with an entirely different idea that wouldn’t work.  It’s not like you have the energy to crawl out of bed anyway.
  2. If you share a bed with someone, wake them up and tell them the idea.  That way, it’s on them to remember.  Go to sleep with complete faith in their memory or hope that they decide to write things…

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